Video of Surfing at Black Mamba Point, Busua

The Southern Hemisphere swells travel great distances before they reach the coastline of Ghana. The result is clean and orderly waves. The StormRider Guide Volume II notes that the waves in Ghana are consistently head high, and we know of spots where they are bigger. In Ghana you can avoid the crowds of the mainstream surfing destinations. For now, it is still a playground with world-class left- and right hand breaks. 

The combination of pristine waves, warm water and no crowds, as well as limitless possibilities to get off the beaten path, makes Ghana a rewarding surfing destination. Add traveling up the coast in a traditional fishing boat, or following a winding path through the rainforest to the distant sounds of waves breaking - and you have the ideal surf adventure!

Imagine yourself surfing next to 16th century forts, exploring traditional fishing villages and getting immersed in the rich West-African culture. Around every corner is another surf spot; point breaks with heavy waves and long rides, beach breaks with fast lefts and rights, or even an occasional reef break to get tubed in.