Our story

Peter Ansah, a local of Busua, has 8 years of experince as surf instructor. In 2014 he started his own company, the Ahanta Waves Surf School. His vision is to share his unrivalled local knowledge about the best waves in Ghana with people who share his passion for surfing.

We are proud of our local roots. The name Ahanta Waves comes from the Ahanta Region along the west coast of Ghana. Legend has it that the Ahanta people traveled the sea by holding the tails of whales and dolphins. This is why the kings of Busua have the name Bonsoe (meaning whale). Today however, we rather like to use surfboards instead of hitching a ride with whales.

At Ahanta Waves Surf School you will find a one of a kind surfing experience! Not only will we teach you how to surf, but you will also experience the local surfing lifestyle, the hospitability of the Ahanta people and the colorful and wonderful culture of West Africa!


Surf School Team

We are committed to developing the local community through creating employment, and education opportunities. Ahanta Waves Surf School takes pride in being managed and run by local surfers!

Peter Ansah
Owner and Manager

  Richmond Tandoh  Assistant Manager

Richmond Tandoh
Assistant Manager

Emmanuel Ansah
Surf Instructor

Ballack Bentum
Surf Instructor