We teach surfing on all levels

Have you never surfed before? Or have you tried a few times but didn't quite get the hang of it? Not to worry, the skilled instructors at Ahanta Waves are here for you! Our surf lessons are tailored to your needs and we have a wide  range of surf boards to chose from.

The surf instructors at Ahanta Waves approach teaching with patience, a sense of humour and a thorough knowledge of the local ocean conditions and environment.

Our beginner lessons include all necessary equipment; a rash guard for skin and sun protection, and a softboard to maximize your performance and safety. Try our private lessons which allow for maximum individual attention and fast progress!

Your first lesson will teach you how to choose the right surfboard, and how to position yourself on the board to find the best balance point. When you feel comfortable balancing on the board, you will practice the paddling technique, and how to get up to ride the waves like a pro!

If you have tried surfing before, we will practice to perfect skills like paddling through the break and onto waves, taking off in a wave, trimming across the face of a wave and turning/cutting back forehand and backhand.

So much fun. Great group of employees. Would do again 100%. Everything else is just...second best.
— Nadia Klincewicz, USA

Busua beach has good beginner waves year round, but prime learning time is November to April when the waves average 3ft - perfect size for learning. For more experienced surfers in search of a challenge, there are several breaks in- and around Busua where the waves are consistently bigger.

Once you’ve had a surfing lesson, you will find that surfing is a unique experience that is both peaceful and exhilarating. If you've never tried surfing, you're going to love it!

Surfing lesson Busua
Surf lessons Ghana
Surf lesson Ghana