Busua is a small fishing village of 2000 inhabitants on the west coast of Ghana. During your stay you will experience the traditional way of life in a coastal Ghanaian settlement. Early in the morning, the fishing boats are pulled into the sea accompanied by rhythmic chants that have echoed over the beach for centuries. When the boats return from the sea, they bring in catches of tuna, swordfish, dorado and lobster. Women and children will gather around and bring their purchase home for dinner – elegantly balancing it in large trays on their head. You can buy a whole tuna for less than $10 and get it prepared with spices and lime at one of the local restaurants.

In the evenings you will experience the influence of the younger generation when colourful lights come on and Azonto beats are coming through the speakers. One of the most common ways to spend the evenings is on the beach, in front of the bonfire where you can enjoy traditional drumming, reggae rhythms or join in on learning to move Azonto style!

The locals are welcoming to new visitors, if you take your time to greet people you are sure to have a smile and a greeting back. If you stop for a chat, or memorise some phrases of the local language, you may even end up with new friends!

Busua has only one paved road, frequent power cuts and more goats than cars in the streets; truly an “off the beaten path” destination. Nevertheless, it makes for a relaxing holiday as many places have a generator, and visitors can enjoy conveniences and the comforts of wi-fi, a/c and hot water.

At Busua Beach you will meet friendly local people as well as international visitors. We receive people from all over the world, but the beach is so big that it’s not difficult to find your own space for some quiet time.

Loved Busua, such an amazing place. Great people and great surf! Peter and Kofi will teach you how to surf and even organize surf trips to other remote locations. The shop is well equipped and there are loads of nice places to stay in Busua. Be sure to spend more than just a couple of days there!!
— Lance Robison, USA
Ahanta Waves Busua