2km beach with right and left beach break with fast waves. Great beginner- to intermediate waves. Very consistent break. Occasional tubes.


Dixcove Point

Right point break that break at 1.5m. When 2.5m or bigger 100m wave. 30 min. walk / 10 min. taxi ride from Busua beach.


black mamba point

World class right point break that breaks at 1.2 mts or bigger. Short walking- or paddling distance from Busua Beach.


Cape Three Points

World class right point break. Break at 1.5m or bigger, and can get 3m plus. Long wave of more than 100m.


katakro point

Awesome point break, can get up to 3m. high waves when the swell comes in, but is consistently breaking all year round. Breaks in 3 different locations going left and right. Really long ride all the way to the beach.


princess town

Quality right hand point break. Consistent head high. Next to the old fort in Princess Town and accessbile by boat or car

Busua beach surfing

Dixcove Point

Busua beach break