Learn to surf in the warm, uncrowded waters of Ghana

Ahanta Waves' Surf Camp is the perfect way to learn surfing, meet new friends and experience the magical West Africa!

Daily surf lessons and free use of surf board for practice throughout your stay.

Day 1

  • Basic introduction to surfing
  • Ocean awareness, conditions and surfing safety
  • Getting to know the surf equipment and personalized board selection
  • How to stand up and ride the waves

Day 2

  • Continue practicing standing up in the broken waves in waist deep water 
  • Learn correct paddling techniques
  • Effects of foot position to change direction and speed on the wave

Day 3

  • Practice skills learnt in lesson 2, in broken waves
  • Techniques for paddling out through the surf
  • Wave selection

Day 4

  • Trying to go out in deeper water in small unbroken waves, practicing what you learnt in lesson 3
  • Directional changes on the wave

Day 5

  • Lesson in the morning or evening, and trip to one of the nearby beaches for sightseeing

Day 6

  • Practicing what you learnt in lesson 4
  • Wave selection and timing
  • Taking off the wave in an angle


Revise everything you’ve learned, practice and have fun!

Great people, great place, great surf & great fun!!
I hope to be back some time soon!
— Kathrin Haselberger, Germany