Ahanta Eco-Lodge

In December 2015 we started the construction of an Ecological Surf Lodge in Busua, Ghana. This Lodge is built using environmentally friendly techniques and solutions from the bottom-up.


December 2017

We have now completed two rooms on the second floor and they are ready for booking! They are made with bamboo, raffia palm and wood. The bathroom and outdoor shower is downstairs. One of the rooms has a private balcony and both rooms have easy access to the roof terrace where you can enjoy beautiful beach views and sunsets over Busua beach.

The official opening of the Eco Lodge will be in the beginning of 2018, so stay tuned for more info.

June 2017

The roof on the left branch of the house is almost done. First we need to pour the floor which will also act as a roof for the rooms downstairs. Then we will add two simple raffia-rooms in the back where we can stay ourselves and have our office. In the front, space will be left for a roof terrace where you can spend lazy days watching the beach and the surf. 

February 2017

The roof is finished. We have used aluminium sheets for the roof because they are resistant to the corrision from the sea breeze, they are very durable and can be recycled when it's time to change them. These roofing sheets will serve as a perfect base for the solar panels that eventually will cover the whole roof.


January 2017

We had to change the design of the roof. Jeroen Beyers did a great job designing our roof for us and we really loved it. But at the end of the day we had to think of the sustainability of the house and with the strong downpours in the rainy season we felt it would be safer to guard the walls on all sides. 


January 2017

Julia and Peter have had many discussions about the height of the walls. Julia felt they could never be high enough and Peter insisted that they were perfect hight. The reason for having high walls and ceiling is to let the hot air escape through the roof, thereby keeping the rooms cool even in hot weather like what we have in Busua. Julia has always been a firm believer in the saying "seeing is believing" so Bebe was sent to measure the walls. Julia is now a believer.

 Peter looks beautiful after mixing cement

Peter looks beautiful after mixing cement

December 2016

While the Norwegians on the team are happily eating their traditional pinnekj√łtt dinner on Christmas Eve, Peter is working as hard as ever. We are all keen on getting the roof up as soon as possible and for sure before the next rainy season!

 Ready for roofing

Ready for roofing

december 2016

The preparations for the roof are moving swiftly along.