Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints

It takes a little bit of effort every day to keep our beautiful beach clean from plastic. Plastic waste is a big problem in Ghana as in many other places around the world, harming the marine eco-systems and killing marine life. We want to take care of our precious resources and encourage everyone to help us in doing so! If you want to get engaged in environmental management through volunteering, please read more here.

Welcome to Ahanta Waves

Dear friends,

As you know, I have been running Black Star Surf Shop for many years now. After the American owner decided to stop coming to Ghana in 2013 he sold the property and let the old surf shop be demolished. I was given the old surf boards and the name Black Star Surf Shop on the condition that I moved the business and built everything from scratch.

I built the new Surf Shop at Coconut Dream and many of you were there to help me in the process which I am very grateful for! Later, a British boy came to Ghana to volunteer at the Surf Shop and we had a good time working together. However, he had other plans than just volunteering and during 2014 I lost the control of the webpage, the Facebook page and the name and logo of Black Star Surf Shop to him. Now after the owner's wish, it is Ben Dewar who will be the owner of Black Star Surf Shop.

The problem is that Black Star Surf Shop calls itself 100% locally owned but this is not true and has never been. I am also worried for the quality and safety of the services provided to surfers. Ghana has great waves but they can be dangerous to those who are not familiar with them.

Today, I am starting anew with Ahanta Waves Surf School and Camp. Instead of working for foreign owners, Ahanta Waves will be truly owned and run by local surfers so that when you surf with us you also contribute to the development of our community. The location is unchanged, we are still at beautiful Busua beach and Coconut Dream.

With Ahanta Waves you will experience not only the best surfing that Ghana has to offer but also get to know the authentic Ghanaian culture and people. To me, this is more than a temporary business opportunity. Busua is my home. I grew up here and know every beach, point, reef and wave like the back of my hand. I want to share this knowledge with you to give you a unique travel and surfing experience.

We hope that when you come to Ahanta Waves for your surfing vacation, you will not just feel anyplace. You will feel someplace and you will feel like home, as part of our local surfing community where you will get a real connection with the people, the environment and the culture.

If you are looking for an absolutely incredible and amazing surfing holiday, then Ahanta Waves is the place for you.

Welcome / Akwaaba!

Peter Ansah